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Beneplace Briefs #2

In this week’s edition of Beneplace Briefs, we’ve got a story on virtual firing, what pop culture can teach HR, and more.   “You’re Fired! Virtually Speaking…” (via MIT Technology Review) Can you really fire someone who doesn’t really work for you? Talespin, an AI firm, lets HR managers practice

What Michael Scott Can Teach HR (Plus 4 Other Lessons from Pop Culture)

Pop culture isn’t always kind to Human Resources. HR professionals have been portrayed as ineffectual weaklings (The Office), patronizing would-be therapists (Stranger than Fiction), or kiss-ups who are willing to hurt anyone to get in with the boss (9 to 5). But you can learn a lot about what to

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Introducing The People Business Podcast!

The Beneplace podcast has arrived! We’re excited to announce the People Business Podcast, which covers HR trends and issues like attraction, retainment, and engagement. This week, we talk to Lauren Russo of The Creative Executive, which offers training, coaching, and workshops for professionals in creative fields. Through The Creative Executive, Lauren has worked

Beneplace Briefs #1

Learn more about the issues dominating the HR world this week: Survey: ‘Work Perks’ Are Gaining on Traditional Benefits (via HR Dive) Benefits play such an important role in employee satisfaction that more than half of workers in a Randstad US study said they have left jobs after hearing the

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How Changing Our Structure Revamped Our Culture

When an organization changes its structure, its culture is sure to follow. Here at Beneplace, we’ve learned all about how to best approach those inevitable changes. In Forbes, we talk about how to embrace the cultural shifts in your market, help your team get up to speed, and thrive in

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3 Workplace Ideas You Need to Know About This Summer

  When you think of summer, you might think of vacations, beaches, or ice cream. What you probably don’t think of are the latest developments and trends in your line of work. We don’t blame you. It’s hard to keep up with workplace trends when you’re planning a BBQ or


Guest Post: 5 Best Practices for Association Management

By Joy Gregory, Membership and Operations Coordinator, National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) Association management can be tricky, but with the right group of people and the correct best practices, your association can prosper. Here are the top-five practices for association management from the staff at the National Association