Beneplace Briefs #1

Learn more about the issues dominating the HR world this week:

Survey: ‘Work Perks’ Are Gaining on Traditional Benefits (via HR Dive)

Benefits play such an important role in employee satisfaction that more than half of workers in a Randstad US study said they have left jobs after hearing the siren calls of better benefits elsewhere.

How to Handle the Chaos of a ‘Tornado Boss’ (via The Wall Street Journal)

Casting oneself as a disruptive leader is in vogue these days, suggesting a bold, take-no-prisoners management style that ignites new trends and crushes competitors.

How Uber’s Hard-Charging Corporate Culture Left Employees Drained (via Buzzfeed News)

After a highly publicized corporate meltdown this spring, Uber is working to repair a culture that employees and observers say is aggressive, cutthroat, and demanding.


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