Beneplace Briefs #2

In this week’s edition of Beneplace Briefs, we’ve got a story on virtual firing, what pop culture can teach HR, and more.


“You’re Fired! Virtually Speaking…” (via MIT Technology Review)

Can you really fire someone who doesn’t really work for you? Talespin, an AI firm, lets HR managers practice firing employees in a virtual world.

“That’s What She Said.” (via Beneplace)

Two Bobs, a Swingline stapler, Dunder Mifflin, and working 9 to 5: These are just a few lessons from Michael Scott of The Office and other HR blunders from Hollywood.

Dad Has To Take Unpaid Leave When Son Is Born Early So Coworkers Make Selfless Offer. (via InspireMore)

David Printz had no choice but to take time off work without pay after his newborn came into the world six weeks early. That is, until his coworkers stepped up to donate their PTO, making dirty diapers the only worry for this new dad.


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