The Best Secret Santa Gifts for Everyone in Your Office

Secret Santa shopping can be a tricky business.

Co-workers can be hard to read when you’re figuring out what to gift them. The guy in accounting you could have sworn was an MMA fan prefers competitive knitting. The tea lover two desks over seemed like a sure bet, but you just found out she won’t drink anything that wasn’t grown in ericaceous soil. And how were you to know that the person you bought a lovely pen for Secret Santa last year was allergic to ink?

On top of that, finding a good gift while staying inside Secret Santa budget restrictions can be tough.

That’s why the Beneplace platform is a Secret Santa shopper’s dream. With so many big savings on great stocking stuffers, snacks, and more, it makes it easy to find the perfect gift for the pickiest tea drinker or weird-hobby enthusiast in your office.
Below, we’ve broken down the best gifts for some of the office personalities you’re likely to find in your Secret Santa drawing hat.

1. The Generous Sugar Fiend

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They’re the colleagues who are always there for you, the ones who’ve got your back.
I’m talking about those office mates who keep a candy bowl at their desk for anyone who needs a bit of sugar. They usually spend their own money to keep that bowl full of the Jolly Ranchers and fun-size Snickers bars that get so many of us through long afternoons and blood sugar crashes.

If you got the Generous Sugar Fiend as your gift-tee this year, it’s time to give back. Dylan’s Candy Bar is offering 25% off candy offers, so you can help keep the candy bowl full without breaking your Secret Santa budget.

2. The “That Meeting’s Today?” Co-Worker

You know the type. They’re always at least five minutes late to every meeting. They rarely remember what day a project is due or even what day of the week today is. They’ve given at least one colleague a permanent eye twitch.
We’ve all had to deal with that employee who just can’t seem to remember a meeting or deadline. Luckily, the platform is here to help you help them. At A Glance is offering customers 20% off stylish planners and calendars, so you never have to hear “I thought that meeting was next week” again.

3. The Film Buff

Every Monday morning, the Film Buffs of the country stand by the office coffee pot, detailing the plot points of the indie flick or blockbuster they watched last Saturday. They always win Oscar bets and trivia nights, and they can name the astrological signs of actors whose names you can’t recognize.

With 40% off movie tickets, platform brand Discount Movie Tickets makes it easy to give Film Buffs a Secret Santa gift they’ll love.

4. The Cold-Blooded Colleague

Starting in September, Cold-Blooded Colleagues crank up the space heaters they keep under their desks. In May, those space heaters are still set on high. Even with sweaters, those space heaters, and dress-code-violating fleece hats, Cold-Blooded Colleagues just can’t seem to get warm.
If only someone would get them some good, warm socks, socks that warm you from the feet up. This holiday season, you can be that someone.

You can put an end to all this shivering and bring some holiday cheer with Columbia reindeer socks, 15% off on the platform.

We hope we’ve helped you dread Secret Santa a little less. In the comments, tell us about the best Secret Santa gift you’ve ever received.


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