The Beneplace Guide to Black Friday Shopping

Here at Beneplace, we love Thanksgiving traditions. Turkey with all the trimmings, pies and casseroles, decorative gourds: It’s great stuff.

One tradition we don’t love is in-store Black Friday shopping. Getting up at the crack of dawn to get in fisticuffs over a laptop? No, thank you.

Luckily, the Beneplace platform is here to spare you from all that. This Black Friday, the platform will have a cornucopia of great deals you can access in the comfort of your own home. Below, we’ve listed some of the sales you can expect to see on November 29.

If you’re like any good parent, you’re constantly looking for opportunities to embarrass your child. And what has more “show you teenage kid’s prom date this goofy photo from childhood” potential than matching holiday t-shirts for the whole family?

Lucky for you, these matching holiday shirts at Life Is Good are 15% off, along with matching hoodies, matching hats, and more. You’ll also get free shipping. Parentally induced embarrassment has never been more affordable!

Some of us love to cook and bake because it lets us nourish our bodies and souls and those of our loved ones. Others enjoy perfecting their cooking skills and staying up all night remaking batch after batch of their five-alarm chili to prove that nobody in the office cook-off will beat their recipe.

For those on your shopping list who fall into the second group, check out this Certified Reconditioned Venturist® V1200 Vitamix blender. It features a digital timer, SELF DETECT™ technology, and lots of other functions to help ensure that Lisa in Accounting’s chili will never know first place.

Sick of the cold weather already? The Beneplace platform has plenty of ways to help you get away to somewhere warmer.

Book a TripBeat resort rental for 40% off, and you can spend a whole week without snow tires, snow boots, or snow-related delays. (That’s $299 for seven nights!)

Another place that rarely encounters cold temps? Disneyland. This Black Friday, you can save up to 60% on tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth, where you can hug Mickey Mouse and co. and ride Splash Mountain while your neighbors shovel snow and slip on ice.

Headphones, especially the noise-canceling variety, are the gift you give yourself if you’re visiting your louder family members this holiday season. With 30% off their headphones, such as the MOMENTUM 3 Wireless seen here, Sennheiser can help you get some peace and quiet should you need a break from loud video games or family squabbles.

Man’s best friend tends to get neglected, gift wise, around the holidays, and it’s a real shame. The good doggos and puppers of the world deserve some attention on Santa’s list too. BarkBox offers all-natural treats and toys for the dogs in your life and has some bonus toys if you sign up for a six- or twelve-month subscription.

What do you give the person who has everything but always has to re-buy all the things because he or she is always dropping/breaking/accidentally crushing those things? Something to protect one of those things, of course! You can save 15% on any OtterBox case this Black Friday.

This iPhone 11 OtterBox, available for 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, lets you customize your case color and poptop, letting you give your clumsy loved one both the gift of electronics protection and the gift of personalized style.

Speaking of breaking things: Parents, raise your hand if you’ve ever told your child “if you break that, I am not buying another one,” in your sternest tone. OtterBox can help prevent broken phones, and the familial drama that comes with it, with their Defender series, which features multi-layer defense and port covers to keep out dirt and dust. It also has a non-slip grip, preventing even the buttery-est of fingers from dropping it.

Why just dance at a holiday party when you can be the disco ball? This party-ready dress from Neiman Marcus is not only gorgeous but can also save the day if the party venue’s mirror ball is busted. Just remember to spin slowly.

If you spent hours after your company party last year waiting for an Uber while wearing three-inch heels as your ankles begged for mercy, have we got the shoes for you. These beauties match almost any formal dress and won’t make you scream in agony by the end of the night. You can get $50 off $200 orders or $100 off $400 orders during the Neiman Marcus Black Friday sale.

Of course, no holiday outfit is complete without a little bling, and this set from Kendra Scott will go with any outfit. All full-price Kendra Scott jewelry will be 15% off this Black Friday.

Holiday shopping can’t be all holiday dresses and sparkly jewelry, but when you can save up to 30% on electronics like this compact two-in-one laptop/tablet from Dell, that’s ok.

If you’ve spent the past year fighting a losing battle with the old appliances in your home, don’t worry, because the war is almost over. GE is offering up to 25% off MSRP on their long-lasting appliances like this glorious, Energy Star-rated refrigerator.

This Black Friday, while the rest of the nation battles over video game systems and designer socks, stay in your pajamas, make some hot chocolate, and check out the great sales on the Beneplace platform.

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