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I Hate Open-Office Plans and So Should You: Part One

Between exercise balls styled into office chairs and the word synergy, some wacky office trends have made their way through the modern workplace. But almost none have been as harmful and annoying as the open-office plan. Open-office plans replace cubicles with communal work areas featuring long tables or desks without divisions. When employers combine open […]

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How to Manage Difficult Work Conversations

It’s a part of the job many of us dread. Having a difficult conversation at work can be, well, intimidating. Whether it’s about delegating a problem between a manager and employee, addressing performance issues, or even letting someone go, these conversations can be the most taxing and stressful tasks for HR professionals. While there’s no […]

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The Top Seven HR Stories of 2018

It wasn’t easy keeping up with HR news in 2018. Every day seemed to have a new story you just had to read, so you’re forgiven if you can’t recall each crisis and headline. We’ve compiled seven stories to bring you up to speed as the new year begins. 1. Kathryn Moody, How to Better […]

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Be the Office Stress-Buster with These Tips

Stress is pervasive in the American workplace, and the American worker pays the price. A Stanford University study found that workplace stress costs American workers up to $190 billion in healthcare costs every year.1 Stress also influences alcoholism, heart disease, and more.  As the toll of stress in the workplace becomes clearer, more companies are […]

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Five HR Blogs You Need to Read

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep up with changes in HR technology, recruitment strategies, employment laws, and more, now you’re expected to keep up with what people are writing about all this stuff. It’s exhausting. Plus, who has the time to read through a bunch of blog posts only to realize the writers […]

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Five Internal-Communication Strategies That Work

It’s a week after open enrollment has ended, and five employees have already told you they forgot to sign up for benefits. No matter that you sent three reminder emails before enrollment ended—nobody seems to have gotten around to reading them. This isn’t the first time communications you’ve worked hard on have been ignored, either. […]

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Five Ways to Create a Vacation-Friendly Office

It’s a conundrum. Your company offers generous PTO or vacation time, but nobody uses much of it. Employees refuse to budge from the office for anything less than a funeral but feel checked out and keep one eye on the want ads. Meanwhile, your boss wants to know why a benefit added to improve recruitment […]

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