COVID-19 Resources for Businesses and their Employees

Like so many people around the world, our organization is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our thoughts go out to anyone affected. We understand this is a challenging time, and we want to help you as best we can.

We’ve pulled together resources for employers to review some best practices to help sustain their operations while also supporting their employees during this challenging time. In a time of uncertainty, it is of utmost importance to keep employee morale high.

We’re hopeful the below will serve as a helpful guide as you begin to navigate how to best support your teams.

Business Communication and Productivity

Communication amongst teams and peers is always critical in any organization; it is even more important when employees are working remotely.

  • Jamm is offering free tools to record videos or host live calls with remote employees
  • Meero is also helping companies with remote employees by offering free large file transfers
  • Comcast and T-Mobile have removed the caps on data for the next 60 days which should help employees who use their mobile devices for connectivity

Our platforms offer savings on electronics to support staying connected and productive:

  • Dell – Extra savings sitewide
  • T-Mobile – Save extra on each new phone line

Best Practices for Success While Working Remotely

Employers need to make the most of the transition to a largely remote workforce; employees need to stay productive while addressing challenges that come with working remotely.

  • LinkedIn has select learning courses available for free on how to set you and your teams up for success when working remotely
  • Abilitie specializes in leadership development using virtual simulations and is hosting a webinar featuring leadership and development on how to enhance virtual content delivery

We’re supporting productive and successful remote work with savings on:

  • Verizon Fios – Customizable internet and TV plans

Company Morale

Morale can be impacted by the sudden change of working remotely. The limited human interaction and uncertainty can lead to negativity, worry and dread – all of which can decrease productivity and employee performance. For this reason, mental health and morale of all employees should be at the forefront of employer efforts to maintain a normal working environment.

Below are a few suggestions on keeping employees motivated and maintaining a positive mental outlook while working remotely:

  • Ensure employee safety – communication is key in times of uncertainty. Employees look to their employers to provide accurate and timely information as it relates to their work life. Testing emergency communication systems, especially for Finance, IT, and HR is imperative.
  • Encourage open communication employees should remain comfortable reaching out to leadership and having open, honest conversations about their jobs, colleagues, customers, and even their communities.
  • Coordinate virtual learning opportunities working remotely can be a lonely experience for many employees. A virtual learning experience from companies like Abilitie can create an environment where employees feel like part of a team and be productive in preparing for the future growth of the company.

Employees recognize when their employers show interest in their overall well-being. We’re helping employers reinforce that message by connecting their employees with savings from retailers that supply everything from everyday needs to leisure purchases:

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  • Walmart – Save on shipping
  • Wall Street Journal – Discounts on wines + bonus gift
  • Blue Apron – Save up to $100
  • Thrive Market – Save on your first order
  • Instacart – Save on delivery
  • Home Chef – Discounts for first orders
  • Macy’s Wine Cellar – Save on wine + a bonus gift
  • BarkBox – Get extra toys when you sign up

Individual Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental health and well-being are a big part of personal productivity. Some best practices on how to stay mentally healthy while working from home include:

  • Work/Life Balance – our work lives and personal lives are more intertwined than ever. The ability to work longer hours can impact your home life. It’s important to maintain a routine of online and offline availability and activity.
  • Workout Regularly – daily exercise routines have also been interrupted. It’s important to dedicate time to remain active while working remotely.
  • Use Videoconferencing Tools it’s important to maintain communication with your peers, outside of regular business communication. It’s good practice to check in with co-workers who could be experiencing the same anxiety of working remotely as you.

We’re supporting employee mental health and wellness with up to 50% discounts on products from:

  • FSAStore.com – Save up to 25%
  • MediFast – Special new customer promotional savings
  • Walgreens – Save on shipping
  • CVS is now offering free delivery on prescription refills

Exercise and Fitness

While health and wellness are key to productivity and general well-being, establishing a fitness routine to stick with while at home can be a challenge.

Fortunately, many apps and subscription services are waiving their fees or offering free trials to encourage trying out new ways to get – and stay – into the groove including:

  • Peloton is offering a 90-day free trial of their fitness app
  • Corepower Yoga offers your first week free
  • Physique57 is running free trials for online classes

Some other options for online fitness training can be found here.

Here’s how we’re helping our clients support their employees in getting adjusted to their new routine and staying active at home:

  • Columbia Sportswear – Save up to 50%
  • Noom – Free trial
  • Fitbit – Save up to 20%
  • Beachbody on demand – Free trial

Personal Finance

As much as not having a place to work out can put a strain on your health during this time, stressing about personal finances can be as equally detrimental. At a time of such uncertainty, financial wellness resources can be incredibly stress-relieving.

To combat possible economic difficulties many banks and credit cards are offering some type of credit support and relief. Additionally, customers of AT&T, Verizon, and PG&E may be relieved to know these companies have suspended termination of accounts for 60 days.

Here are some companies we partner with who can help you save money on personal finance and insurance:

  • TurboTax – Save up to 20%
  • H&R Block – Up to 25% off
  • Zebit – Cash back when you pay over time
  • BackNine Insurance – Get a free quote for life insurance options
  • Quick Quote Comparison – Save hundreds on auto and home insurance

Out of School Education

Many of us are working remotely while also stepping into educator roles for our children.

We’ve found numerous resources that help children stay productive alongside their parents, including:

For some employees, their young adults, who were at college, find themselves returning home after their campus has been closed indefinitely. We have uncovered some products and services to help these students, including:

  • U-Haul is offering college students free storage
  • Adobe has free at home access to Creative Cloud for college students and educators
  • Some universities, are offering free online classes

It’s a great time to learn something new so we’re encouraging at home education for employees and their children with discounts on brands like:

  • Rosetta Stone – Get started with monthly savings
  • Epic! The leading digital library for kids – Special offer on a 3-month subscription
  • Kiwi Crate – Save 35% on kids’ arts and crafts crates


We are all being forced to find creative ways to keep ourselves entertained while largely being confined to our homes and practicing social distancing. That doesn’t mean that the entertainment can’t come to us!

Some examples include:

We’ve secured exclusive discounts on movies and television from:

  • Disney+ – Free trial
  • Showtime – Save on first three months
  • Vudu – Discounted movie credits


We pride ourselves on being partners to the business community and to the companies we are fortunate enough to call clients. We will update this page as we become aware of additional resources to aid companies and their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, so check back.

For our clients, we’ve created a new Save@Home category, which provides all the meaningful savings your employees really need during this time.

We hope this information has been helpful and wish everyone and their families the best during these challenging times. If there’s anything we can do to support you, please feel free to reach out.