Five HR Blogs You Need to Read

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep up with changes in HR technology, recruitment strategies, employment laws, and more, now you’re expected to keep up with what people are writing about all this stuff. It’s exhausting. Plus, who has the time to read through a bunch of blog posts only to realize the writers have no idea what they’re talking about?

We’ve sorted through the buzzwords, spam, and all the other nonsense to track down the five funniest, most perceptive, and most insightful HR blogs. Some cover specific topics within the world of HR, like technology or recruiting, and others discuss more general issues and trends affecting everyone working in or with HR. All of them provide unique insight into the rapidly changing HR field, and one even has a cookie recipe!

1. Multiple Contributors, Fistful of Talent

If other HR blogs put you to sleep, Fistful of Talent might be the blog you need. In posts like “Don’t Feed the Vendors” and “Tony Soprano, HR Manager,” Fistful of Talent says what every HR professional has thought at least one time or another. The blog features a wide range of writers, so posts always feel fresh and diverse. If nothing else, Fistful of Talent can be the friend who assures you that no, you’re not crazy, and yes, the thing you’re mad at really is as stupid as you think it is.

2. Multiple Contributors, TINYpulse

The TINYpulse blog is the master of all things recruitment and engagement. Its content is up with the times, covering up-and-coming leaders in the field like employee-loyalty advocate and Customer Fanatix founder and CEO Heather Younger. While the blog may be forward thinking, it has no meaningless buzzwords or useless self-help fluff. Instead, posts like “How to Fix Company Culture Gone Wrong” offer straightforward, approachable advice. If you’re looking to boost employee morale or improve recruitment, this blog is for you.

3. Steve Boese, HR Technology

Making a blog about HR technology fun to read is no easy task, but Steve Boese does it with self-deprecating aplomb. HR Technology covers not just specific HR tech strategies and trends but also larger and more philosophical issues within the field, making it a great read for both insiders and laymen. Steve also manages to sneak in plenty of sports references, so you can learn some fun facts about soccer while you read about the Buffalo-Niagara Human Resource Organization’s annual event.

4. Jacob Shriar, Officevibe

The writers at Officevibe want your company to have the coolest, happiest, and most efficient workplace possible. The blog’s adorable graphics and relevant, warm posts make it a joy to read, and it often covers topics other HR blogs don’t touch. Check out Officevibe if you’re looking for advice on dealing with sticky personnel issues or office drama.

5. Laurie Ruettimann, Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettiman is the straight-talking, no-nonsense aunt everyone in HR (ok, everyone, everywhere) needs sometimes. Laurie writes about her achievements and regrets in the HR universe and how she wants to see that universe improve. Her passion on everything from breaking the glass ceiling to improving employees’ sleep comes through in every word: “The cognitive and motor-performance impairments caused by sleep deprivation can be comparable to drinking alcohol, which explains why so many HR departments are fraught with drama.” She may not mince words, but she does give you her Omah’s snickerdoodle recipe.

These blogs can help keep you up to date in your field and maybe even make you laugh. They all feature HR professionals in the top of their field who have experience to share. What blogs do you rely on as resources for HR news? Do you follow a blog that addresses an HR topic not covered here?