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David Johnson on Scouting on and off the Field

What do football and management consulting have in common? More than you might think. David Johnson has years of experience in both. A former college scout for the Dallas Cowboys, David is now the president of R. David Johnson Consulting. David and Adam discuss the importance of a shared goal, both for football teams and […]

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Phil Wilhelm of Fortinet on Creating Culture in Changing Environments

“Healthy corporate culture” may sound like a trendy new buzzword, but for much of his twenty-year career, Phil Wilhelm has worked on creating just that. His experience in hyper-growth (and hyper-change) companies have taught him how to foster positive cultures in demanding professional environments. Today, he’s the general manager of SMB sales at Fortinet, a […]

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Nad Elias of recruitAbility on Winning the Talent War

The talent war is raging. Luckily, Nad Elias is here to tell us how to win. A fifteen-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Nad is the CEO of recruitAbility, which helps companies and executives form high-performing teams. Nad’s experience includes running executive searches and managing nationwide projects with companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune […]

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