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Phil Wilhelm of Fortinet on Creating Culture in Changing Environments

“Healthy corporate culture” may sound like a trendy new buzzword, but for much of his twenty-year career, Phil Wilhelm has worked on creating just that. His experience in hyper-growth (and hyper-change) companies have taught him how to foster positive cultures in demanding professional environments. Today, he’s the general manager of SMB sales at Fortinet, a […]

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Nad Elias of recruitAbility on Winning the Talent War

The talent war is raging. Luckily, Nad Elias is here to tell us how to win. A fifteen-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Nad is the CEO of recruitAbility, which helps companies and executives form high-performing teams. Nad’s experience includes running executive searches and managing nationwide projects with companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune […]

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