Financial Wellness:​
A Plan for Employers

A financial wellness program improves retention and productivity by reducing stress and distraction at work. Learn more about what financial wellness is and how it helps employees and employers alike.

  • Learn the four-step strategy to improve your employees' financial lives.
  • Discover what makes employees 5.8 times more likely to miss deadlines.
  • ​Hear about how you can gain a month of productivity for your company per year.
  • ​Find out what financial wellness strategies employers have been using to save 22% on healthcare costs alone.
  • ​Learn the corporate program that 51% of job candidates say would make them choose one offer over another.
  • Hear why offering employees a retirement plan isn't enough anymore.

Presented By:

Casey Conlon

Director of Business Development, Beneplace

Casey serves as the director of business development at Beneplace. After graduating from the University of Virginia and then receiving his J.D. from St. Mary’s University, he started his career in corporate finance. He worked for or partnered with companies in a variety of industries, including multi-family real estate, construction, and technology. In 2017, he joined Beneplace, where he crafts voluntary benefit plans for a wide range of distinguished employers. Thanks to his diverse professional experience, Casey understands the needs of all his clients, no matter their size or industry.

Adam Boyd

VP Client Sales,


Adam serves as the vice president of client sales at Beneplace. He joined the Beneplace team after nine years with Sandler Training, where he consulted with and trained scores of CEOs and sales leaders, becoming one of the top-performing associates in the worldwide network. Prior to Sandler, he worked in the education and non-profit sectors, first teaching high school English and then coaching high school football for Regents School of Austin. He earned his MBA from the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas. Adam put his MBA to good use when he joined Beneplace in 2017 by increasing lead flow and trimming sales cycles to grow the account base.