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Beneplace brings your employees together one one platform to get savings on big brands. With the savings they get their paychecks will go farther, they will feel happier, and you'll retain employees longer.

Elegant Design

  • Our marketplace platforms don't look or feel like a typical HR platform.
  • Instead, our fast, responsive platforms have a clean and modern look.
  • Our platforms also have the e-commerce and social tools that customers want to use.

Easy Search

  • Finding the offer or brand you want shouldn’t be complicated or take much time.
  • Our search function shows you relevant results while you wait.

Smart Personalization

  • Community and self-expression are the core concerns of today’s customers.
  • We created a system that addresses these concerns. That's why, over time, each of our platforms reflects the interests of its user.

Favorites and Ratings

  • Fun features let customers rate and like offers, save offers for later, and share liked offers with their colleagues.

New, Limited-Time, and Soon-to-Expire Offers

  • Know what offers are expiring soon, which have just come to the platform, and which won’t be around much longer.

User Nominations

  • Like the taco shop down the street? Nominate them, and we’ll take it from there by contacting, vetting, contracting, marketing, and servicing the offer.
  • The nomination function is available for both you and your employees.

Control Panel

  • You never have to wait for reporting. Just head to the control panel to see your stats.

Customer Service

  • We respond to user emails and phone calls, so you don't have to worry about customer service issues.

Company Branding & Messaging

  • Your platform features your company's logo, colors, and welcome text, so your employees know who made these offers available to them.

Communications and Marketing

  • No program, perk, or benefit works if people don’t know about it.
  • We create communications that keep you and your employees informed on your platform, special savings, and more.

Semimonthly Updates

  • We update our best-in-class software every two weeks, not monthly or yearly.
  • Customer idea driven software development improvements

Always-Increasing Options

  • We constantly add new offers and brands, so your employees can always access what they need from the brands they love.

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