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No extra work for you.

1-100 Lives




101-500 Lives




501-999 Lives




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What You Get

Elegant Design
Our marketplace platform utilizes e-commerce practices to give customers what they want.

E​asy Search
Find the offers or brands you're looking for.

Our marketplace platform reflects your interests over time.

Favorites & Ratings
You can rate and like offers, as well as save offers or share them with your colleagues!

New & Limited Offers
Stay up-to-date on new and limited time offers.

Company Branding & Messaging
Customize your platform to fit your company's brand.

Control Panel
Easy, accessible stat reporting.

C​ustomer Service
Call or email with any questions you have.

Communications & Marketing
Stay informed on special offers available on your platform.

Biweekly Updates
New and updated features are introduced every two weeks.

Always Increasing Options
New offers and brands are added all the time, so there's always new ways to save!

What Our Clients Say

Our employees truly love the variety and quality of discounts available via Beneplace. The platform is very easy to navigate and helps ensure a great user experience. We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Beneplace and look forward to continuing to do so.
Rob Ackley
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this require a file feed?

No, there is no file requirement with our marketplace. Our goal is to reduce the administrative costs for HR!

Does this require payroll deduction?

Nope! We want to reduce your workload, not add to it!

Do you spam our employees?

No way! We want to help employees save time and money, not spam their inbox.

Do you sell data?

Absolutely not. We’re in the business of helping HR reward employees by providing meaningful discounts for all employees to enjoy and save on brands they love. Please keep in mind that our sites are GDPR compliant and that we view your employees as people, not assets.

Can we search by zip code?

You know it! We understand that you have employees all over the country and most love to travel. Our sites let you see what is near you or where you’re going.