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Beneplace's employee perks and engagement platform provides savings and voluntary benefits without adding to your workload.

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Beneplace provides custom discount platforms for companies to offer their employees, helping them save thousands of dollars every year on everyday goods and services. In addition, we provide a benefits marketplace for clients who want to amplify their offerings to their employees.

For more than 20 years, we've worked with HR departments and Fortune 1000 companies to make it easy to be their employees' champion, rewarding employees without sacrificing time or resources.

Maximize Their Savings, Drive Employee Engagement

Major Purchases

Buying a new home? Save on appliances, receive discounts on new mattresses, get 20% off truck  rentals, and more! How about a new car? Access special deals on new cars.

Ongoing Expenses

Employees have access to special offers for gym memberships, insurance plans, and subscription services.

Everyday Expenses

Save your employees money on their favorite restaurants and retail brands.

Special Occasions

Employees enjoy exclusive discounts on concerts, sporting events, and vacation packages, all with no additional work for you.

Student Loan Solutions

Beneplace members and their families who qualify and enroll in any All Campus partner school programs are eligible for tuition discounts or scholarships as well as other student loan solutions.

Employee Perks: The Bottom Line

The #1 savings website for employers delivers savings on everyday goods and services your employees already buy and use.

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Our customizable, branded platforms are designed to save you time and your employees money, making it a win-win for workplace happiness.

Prior to our partnership with Beneplace, we had a small offering of employee discounts from local vendors who approached us. Now we have a dedicated platform that offers discounts and services that we could never develop on our own. Employees are impressed with the constant vendors added to the site.
Kim Jackson
Senior HR Staff
Our employees truly love the variety and quality of discounts available via Beneplace. The platform is very easy to navigate and helps ensure a great user experience. We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Beneplace and look forward to continuing to do so.
Rob Ackley
Senior Vice Presient, HR

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