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Beneplace brings your employees together on one platform to save on great products and services.​

​Keep your employees happy and improve retainment with offers that help paychecks go further.

1,000 Employees or Fewer

​1,000 Employees or More

Elegant Design

  • Our marketplace platforms don't look or feel like a typical HR platform.
  • Instead, these responsive platforms have a clean and modern look.
  • ​They also have the e-commerce and social tools that customers want to use.

Easy Search

  • Finding the offer or brand you want shouldn’t be complicated or take much time. Our search function shows you relevant results while you wait.

Smart Personalization

  • Community and self-expression are the core concerns of today’s customers.
  • We created a system that addresses these concerns. That's why, over time, each of our platforms reflects the interests of its user.

Favorites & Ratings

  • Fun features let customers rate and like offers, save offers for later, and share liked offers with their colleagues.

New & Soon-to-Expire Offers

  • Know what offers are expiring soon, which have just come to the platform, and which won’t be around much longer.

User Nominations

  • Like the taco shop down the street? Nominate them, and we’ll take it from there by contacting, vetting, contracting, marketing, and servicing the offer.
  • The nomination function is available to both you and your employees.

Control Panel

  • You never have to wait for reporting. Just head to the control panel to see your stats.

Customer Service

  • We respond to user emails and phone calls, so you don't have to worry about customer service issues.

Company Branding & Messaging

  • Your platform features your company's logo, colors, and welcome text, so your employees know who made these offers available to them.

Communications & Marketing

  • No program, perk, or benefit works if people don’t know about it.
  • That's why we create communications that keep you and your employees informed on your platform, special savings, and more.

​Biweekly Updates

  • We update our best-in-class software every two weeks, not once a month or once a year.

Always Increasing Options

  • We constantly add new offers and brands, so your employees can always access what they need from the brands they love.

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