Employee Discount Programs

Our secure online marketplace platform provides employees with exciting offers from recognized, reliable brands.

We've built both our company and our platform to save you as much time as possible.

  • We manage platform launches and enrollment.
  • Launches take hours, not days.
  • We handle platform communication.
  • Our customer-service team answers questions and resolves issues.
  • Our client team supports you and answers any questions you have.
  • We want to give you time to do the work that matters to you.

A platform that reflects your organization's internal strategy and design.

We design your platform with your company's branding and logos.

Your platform belongs to you, and we want it to look that way.

Your platform can become a part of internal messaging.

With a seamless launch and company-specific branding, the platform integrates into your intranet or internal communication strategy.

The platform helps you connect with your employees.

You'll be the office hero when you provide savings and benefits.